The Codega Award International Lighting Design Prize

Since 2013, the Codega Award aims at spreading the culture of light and the aspects of innovation and quality which are linked to smart lighting. An award that celebrates lighting design’s highest achievements but also “Human Centric Lighting” approaches for people’s wellbeing.
Taken from the Greek word “odegos” (guide), Codega was the name given in Venice to the “carrier of light or light carrier” as a result of a law, imposed in 1450, that required someone walking in front of you with a lantern lighting your path after 3 am.
Years later, the same word has been used to name those who escorted, carrying a lantern, young ladies after a spectacle or other events.
In effect, event today, In Italian the “odd man out’” in a couple is commonly described to be “holding the candle”.
In the same vein, during the 18th century, the Venice citizens called “codega” the servant who used to walk before the nobles, carrying a lantern, while they walked at night.

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